The Plantation Set

        I'd found my 100th cache a few days ago and thought that it was about time I set some more myself. I'd only planted two so far for 100 found.... not a very good ratio. There were still relatively few in the area so it shouldn't be difficult to come up with some acceptable hiding places. At the time, there had been a discussion on the forum as to what the ideal found to set ration was. A lot of figures were mentioned but a ratio of 20:1 seemed reasonable. This meant I needed to place 3 more caches so 'The Plantation Set' was created.
        I'd recently purchased a load of ammunition boxes from 'Hornet' so there was no problem with containers, I just needed somewhere to place them. All this took place before I'd invested in the excellent 'MemoryMap' software package so it meant an hour or two with an Ordnance Survey map, a magnifying glass and a note pad.

#1 - Minsbury Plantation

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Last updated 12.3.2004