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        If you've managed to find my Home Pages, then the chances are that you already know something about 'Geocaching'. It's a (mostly) harmless pastime that I participate in. I don't have the space, time or inclination to go into detail about what it is, so if you don't know then I suggest that you check out the 'Geocaching' links on the left and then come back here if you feel like it.

        Ok... now I'm assuming that you're all clued up and know what I'm going on about. Don't worry, I'm not going to bore you stupid with a whole list of the caches I've found. In all honesty, a large percentage of them weren't all the memorable anyway. Suffice it to say that at the time I'm typing this (December, 2009) I've been at this game for seven years and found some 1900 caches. Of those 1900 there are probably less than a couple of dozen that really stick out head and shoulders above the rest.

        To date, the one that's on top of my 'best cache' pile is Pooter's 'A Midsummer Nights Dream' in Puck's Glen. This is located just off the A815 a mile or two north of Holy Loch on the Firth of Clyde. Puck's Glen is the most amazing place I think I've ever been to. It's stunningly beautiful even in the almost continual rain and drizzle that's the norm in that part of Scotland. The relatively easy climb up through the narrow gorge is well worth the effort though it can be almost claustrophobic at times. Go and visit the place, even if you're not interested in geocaching. You won't be disappointed, believe me.
"What are the hardest caches you've ever done?" I can hear you ask. Well for being difficult in a purely physical sence, it's a toss-up between 'Scotland's First' which involved a tough, 2 hour climb up a rocky stream bed on the slopes of Ben More in the Grampian Mountains and 'pen y fantastic (The Beacon)'. That was a wild climb to the top of the Brecon Beacons in a howling, bitterly cold gale. It was standing at the top, trying to keep my footing and not get blown off the mountain that brought it home to me just what a beautiful country Great Britian is. Let's look after it, eh, peoples.
        Both of those, however, were later eclipsed when I joined a band of idiots to tackle the cache on the top of Ben Nevis. The full story can be found via the link on the left. For a mind numbing, endurance sapping, marathon, try doing all five of the 'Vectis Series' on the Isle of Wight in a single day. I managed it, in the company of O'mally (Neil), Merman (Chris) and Hi-Tek (Keith), collectively, 'The Grockles'. It was bloody hard going. We've been back to the Island twice more since then and found a whole bunch more great caches. With luck, we'll have another weekend there in 2010.

        OK... Listed below are the caches that I've set, in the order that I set them. Each cache has it's own page and 'clicking' on the cache name will take you there. These pages describe the cache and my reasons for setting them, in greater detail than on the cache page.
Some of my caches contained a single use, disposable camera. The photos that were taken by the subsequent cache finders may be viewed by clicking the 'Cache Camera Photos' link on the left.

        NOTE: They contain information and pictures that could be considered 'Spoilers' so if you haven't already 'done' the caches but intend to at some point, reading these first may ruin the hunt for you. On the other hand, if you've tried and failed, then reading them could be just the help you need.

  1. Across the Town (GCAD46 - 25/11/2002) (Archived)
  2. Katherine's Cross (GCB938 - 27/12/2002) (Archived)
  3. The Plantation Set #1, #2 & #3
  4. Dark Deeds at St Mary's (GCEDB8 - 28/3/2003) (Archived)
  5. Henry Gets The Needle (GCEDC8 - 28/3/2003) (Archived)
  6. Don't Feed the Ducks (GCG18P - 29/4/2003) (Archived)
  7. Sandy Warren (GCGBNC - 26/6/2003) (Archived)
  8. Trigonometry, Triangles and Treachery (GCGPTM - 21/8/2003)
  9. The Bridge on the River Kwa.... err... Lea (GCGV93 - 5/9/2003) (Archived)
  10. M25... What M25? (GCGWG7 - 12/9/2003) (Archived)
  11. Grockles Gumbo North - Epitaph for an Unknown Woman (GCH7X8 - 16/11/2003) (Archived)
  12. The Wicked Lady (GCHGJY - 16/1/2004)
  13. The Hunt for Red October : Part 1 - Studham Common (GCHVJ4 - 6/3/2004) (Archived)
  14. The Hunt for Red October : Part 2 - Motte & Bailey (GCHW8F - 8/3/2004) (Archived)
  15. The Hunt for Red October : Part 3 - Wimpole Folly (GCHY7K - 16/3/2004) (Archived)
  16. The Hunt for Red October : Part 4 - The Mill (GCJ1ZP - 29/3/2004) (Archived)
  17. The Hunt for Red October : Part 5 - The End Game (GCHVJG - 6/3/2004) (Archived)
  18. The Tower on Holly Hill (GCJ62A - 12/4/2004)
  19. Grockles Gumbo North - Where Ravens Feed (GCK47N 29/7/2004) (Archived)
  20. Darker Deeds at St Mary's (GCKBA3 - 22/8/2004)

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